Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Philippine Call Center Agents’ Bad Reputation: Deserved or Not?

Call center agents conjure up images of annoying callers selling you stuff you never even knew existed, robotic disembodied voices who asks you how they can help but eventually after an hour, you find out they can’t do anything for you, callers who call in the middle of the night asking if you’d like to change carriers and so on . There’s no denying the stigma attached to the call center industry. I’d like to examine the matter to see if call centers, in particular, Philippine call center, deserve this reputation.
Philippine call center

Is that all they are? I don’t think so. When you book a flight, a hotel or resort, you speak to an agent. When you have something to clarify or ask something from a company, you are more likely going to be directed to a call center. Agents have been given a bad reputation because of some parts of their job. But what customers sometimes forget is that these call center agents are people, too. They are not all the same, they have different personalities and chances are they haven’t met you before so they do not dial your number just to annoy you. They are just doing their jobs.

I have great respect for the call center agents who are courteous and sincere in wanting to help customers. I’ve had my share of frustrating encounters with call center agents but in those cases, I’m more irate at the company itself than the poor call center agent I’m talking to.

Philippine call center agents are particularly delightful to talk to because generally speaking, Filipinos are respectful, kind and polite. They are less likely to be sarcastic and apathetic because they are raised to be God-fearing and obedient. Actually Filipinos are generally shy but their call center training develops their self-confidence allowing them to communicate effectively even with foreigners.

We could be a little more courteous when we receive calls from these agents. A little dose of positive karma always helps.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Best Barbados Apartment Hotel Establishment I’ve Seen

Getting away from it all is no use if you can’t really “get away from it all.” And for me, this means really cutting off ties with civilization. I don’t want to see any more big buildings in my vacation. Nor do I want to see a busy town with roads full of cars and busy people. This is why when I go to a vacation in Barbados; I look for a cozy little Barbados apartment hotel that is far away from the big luxury hotels. I hate dealing with crowds when I am on vacation. I want to literally get away from it all as much as humanly possible. On my last trip, I got my wish. And it was all thanks to my stay at this Barbados apartment hotel called Tropical Winds.

Here’s is the front view of the hotel. It is really cozy, and the location is perfect since the east coast of the island is great for water sports especially since there are not too many people who like swimming there. The hotel was just a few minutes away from Long Beach, one of my favorite beaches in the island for personal reasons. And for all its value, one does not even need to pay a lot of money. It is truly a great Barbados apartment hotel.

This beach is another one of my favorite places in the island. Crane beach is world famous and has been named as one of the best beaches in the world in the TV show, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Looking at that gorgeous white sand and those unreal azure waters would instantly remove all the stress from your body.

Barbados Apartment Hotel

Surfing is really one of the most relaxing things you can do. You feel one with the wave and one with nature once you get to ride that sweet wave. It’s pure freedom.